Nova Max® Glucose Test Strips

Introducing the New Nova Max® Glucose Test Strips. Unlike any other test strip on the market, the Nova Max® Test Strips require no coding, a small blood sample of .3 microliters and come in a larger, easier to open vial.


Nova Sureflex Lancing Device

Deciding on a lancing device is simple when comfort matters. The Nova Sureflex Lancing Device features 5 penetration depth settings and a force adjustment feature for more comfort and control. The device also comes with a clear alternate site end cap for testing on the forearm and palm.


Nova Sureflex Lancets

The Nova Sureflex Lancets are 33 gauge and designed for use with your Nova Sureflex Lancing Device. It is important to change and replace your lancet after every test and dispose of the used lancet in the correct manner. Please check with your local community or ask your CDE for specific instructions on disposal of used lancets.


Nova Max® Control Solution

Control Solution tests are important in making sure your test strips and monitor are working properly. Ask your retailer about ordering control solution as needed. See the Nova Max® Owner's Guide for full details on specific times to use control solution.