Nova Diabetes Care Announces Sponsorship of AADE’s "Living With Diabetes" Educational Series

Nova Diabetes Care, manufacturer of the Nova Max ® brand glucose/ketone monitor is proud to sponsor the "Living With Diabetes" educational program developed by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) in conjunction with A to Z Health. The program makes diabetes educational materials available to over 400,000 people through their local diabetes educators. "Living With Diabetes" program materials include an 84 minute DVD along with a 40-page Resource Guide. These program materials are designed to complement AADE Diabetes Self Management Education classes by reinforcing key themes and information in the home environment. The materials are being made available to all AADE members at no cost through the support of program sponsors like Nova Diabetes Care, and represent one of the more comprehensive patient education programs that AADE has ever provided to its members. This is Nova Diabetes Care’s second year of participation in the program, which will include updates to the popular educational DVD and Resource Guide for 2012.

An important topic within "Living with Diabetes" is its recommendation on blood ketone testing and sick day management for people with diabetes. The "Living with Diabetes" program and the American Diabetes Association recommend self-monitoring for blood ketones on sick days and whenever glucose is persistently elevated. Blood ketone monitoring helps prevent diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a serious, sudden and costly complication of diabetes. U.S. hospital expenses for DKA amount to over $1.5 billion annually. It is estimated that over 50% of DKA hospitalizations can be prevented with blood ketone monitoring, better patient education, and timely home therapy.

Howard Deahr, Nova Diabetes Care Vice President of Marketing, states “We are pleased to collaborate for a second year with AADE on "Living with Diabetes". The "Living with Diabetes" program provides greatly needed patient education regarding blood ketone testing, DKA, and sick day management. This program will raise awareness of the risk of DKA, and steps that can be taken at home to prevent trips to the emergency room and hospitalization for DKA.

About Nova Diabetes Care

Nova Diabetes Care is the exclusive distributor of the Nova Max brand glucose/ketone monitors and test strips in the United States. Nova Diabetes Care is dedicated to improving lives of people with diabetes by providing advanced technology products along with 24 hour, best in class customer support. Nova Diabetes Care representatives are available throughout the U.S to provide Nova Max sample meters and educational materials for diabetes educators and other healthcare professionals, and educational programs for their patients. The Nova Cares toll free customer service line is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to answer questions and provide support concerning the use of Nova Max products. Further information about Nova Diabetes Care and the Nova Max products can be found at or by calling our toll-free customer service number 800-681-7390.

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